0016 // Dom 877

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  • Song Name: 0016 // Dom 877
  • Artist: Stray Landings
  • Year: 2012

In the early days of pirate radio, shout outs would be given by the last three digits of the number texting in. Such is where 877 Records took their name from, the label fronted by by Dom Hughes, has been moving from strength to strength, releasing work by the likes of GoldFFinch, My Nu Leng, Pasteman & Tanka.

The label’s release schedule shows no sign of letting up in 2013, with the fifth edition in the series expected early March. ‘The Well Rounded Rebel Alliance’ will follow after this, including the three way collaboration between Donga, Blake & Richter ‘Skeleton Grin’ that kicks off Dom’s mix for us.

Spanning forty-five minutes, the mix explores many of the areas 877 promote themselves, including tracks from XXXY, Kry Wolf & French Fries alongside several of their own dubs.