0012 // Reark

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  • Song Name: 0012 // Reark
  • Artist: Stray Landings
  • Album: Mix's

Several months ago we quizzed a relatively unknown producer, regarding his battle to gain credits for a track he wrote entitled Natalia’s Song. Incidentally, the track had been one of the best received tunes of last year, put out by 4AD with the production credited exclusively to Zomby. Since receiving his dues, half Russian producer Reark has been slowly but surely working on a follow up to his unexpected first release, and has plans to release Rukai with Vresh, and a following two track single with Filigran Records. Reark, will also be performing live at the Dimensions Variable festival in Vienna, accompanying the abstract art on display at the exhibition with abstract, ambient music. Following this he will also be DJing Saturday’s events, playing a more dance-floor centric set. As well as a teaser of Reark’s forthcoming work for Filigran Records, look out for plenty of funk tinged minimal excursions throughout this forty five minute set, interspersed with some deeper house textures.